This appeared in the Fairfax Chief fall of 2007

The Board of Control of the Fairfax Hospital initiated the Fairfax Dental Clinic, which used to be located at 144 N. Main, currently Martin Medical, in 1978. Some of the board members responsible for bringing a dental clinic to a rural area


where George Pease II , Margaret Clark, Billy Foster, Herman Rhoades and Ray Kiel. The building was owned by Bill and Betty Swearigen. The clinic would be staffed by dentists from the Public Health, which at the time was a competitive scholarship.

In 1979, President Reagan was downsizing the Public Health and VA Hospitals. There where only 8 dental Public Health Scholarships available and 32,000 applicants. Four of the eight scholarships where awarded to students at the University of the Pacific Dental School in San Francisco, California. In 1981, two twenty-four year old Lieutenant 03 commissioned officers arrived in Oklahoma. Dr. John Triller started in Westville, Oklahoma, and Dr. Mike Ben started his dental career in Fairfax. And, just celebrated the start of his 27th year in Fairfax this August.

Dr. Ben is very proud of his staff. The Office Manager is Kelly Hadlock. Rachel Hutcheson, who is also a nurse, is Dr. Ben's assistant. Both Kelly and Rachel are cross-trained in everything. They can do it all from front office, orthodontics, implants, x-ray, and lab work. They make my job a lot easier, states Dr. Ben.

Dr. Ben and his staff are proud of a lot of "Firsts". We where the first office in the state to place Veneers and the third in the country over 25 years ago. I knew the gentleman who invented them and they invited me to go to Kansas City, Missouri, and help in the prep design states Dr. Ben. We did a big case in Kansas City and then they flew to Fairfax and we did three more the next week.

Other "Firsts" include:

bullet The use of the Argon Laser in the treatment of periodontal disease
bullet Air-abrasion for needless treatment of dental cavities
bullet Computerized endodontics and microscopy
bullet One tooth mandibular anesthetic with the septocaine ligmajet
bullet The use of the Herbst Appliance in the treatment of retronathic mandibles in orthodontics


Dr. Ben is a member of the American Dental Association, Oklahoma Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, American Orthodontic Society and numerous other professional organizations. He was a clinical instructor of operative dentistry at the University of the Pacific and consults for some of the top dental labs in Tulsa. Dr. Ben holds both Fellowship and Mastership Honors with the Academy of General Dentistry, which only half a percent of the Dentists in the United States hold, according to the Academy of General Dentistry. The office has been located at 161 N. 2nd Street since 1991 on the first floor in the historic Asher Apartments built in 1928 and remodeled as a dental clinic by Sandy Parker.

Original news article covering site construction

Fairfax Chief-March 28, 1924

C.E. Ashbrook completes a deal for two lots on the corner of Mulberry and 2nd street, commonly known as the Parks property and originally the home-site of the beautiful Waugh home a few years back. Ashbrook is having plans submitted on an apartment house and if plans are satisfactory, he will erect a two story building, reserving the second floor into four kitchenette apartments.

Fairfax Chief October 3, 1924


First Modern Apartment Building in City Ready for Its Tennants

Bank Cashier is Builder


The new Ashbrook apartment house was opened for occupancy on Tuesday when Avon Potter, principal of the junior high school and his wife, and J.J. Quarles and wife took possession of two of the apartments. Mr. and Mrs. Russel Gordon will also have an apartment there.

The apartment house, with the two lots represent an investment of $25,000 by C.E. Ashbrook, cashier of the First National Bank. The house of brick veneer was erected at a cost of approximately $20,000 and has every modern convenience.

Work was started in May under the direction of Superintendent Brasore of the Stiles Construction company with the direction of E.L. Gahl, architect. Due to delay in the arrival of materials, the completion of the building was delayed a month.

Each of the seven apartments has a combination front room, dressing room, kitchen and breakfast room with individual bath. A built-in ice box is in the hall of each and has a special partition for the placing of groceries and delivered articles.

An incinerator that runs into one central fire box is an added feature.

The basement is 30 by 40 feet and has a trunk room for each family. A built-in wash tub is also had. A built-in ironing board is in each apartment. The building is heated by steam.

The lawn will be planted in blue grass and the sidewalks finished this week.

The Ashbrooks will occupy one of the apartments and have sold their former home to Dr. E. H. Freidman, and it will be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Will Hoefer, recent additions to the Fairfax business and social world.