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The concept  of this website was initiated in 2001 but busy times kept me from completing it.  I taught at The University of the Pacific Dental School for a short time before I reported to my Public Health position in Fairfax in l98l.  I loved to teach.  I wanted my website to be a teaching website where you, the patient, might be able to "find yourself" in some of the cases that I've done in the past 30 years.  It is easy to show one picture of the "before" and one "after" treatment.  That does not help you to understand what was done.  Did it work?  If you only have a hammer, you can only do one thing.  If you have a plethora of tools to get to the finished product, you can make an intelligent decision.  You can find the best treatment options for you.  Sometimes 6 months of Orthodontics may be worth the effort to get things where they need to be.  Why spend $46,000 crowning every tooth to open a bite when the problem was an orthodontic problem in the first place.  Most of the time, you can segment your treatment.  That is you can do part this year and part the following year.  You can get to your goal and do things right the first time and stay in your budget.  Sometimes "no dentistry "  is "good dentistry.  Do not waste money on a treatment plan that will take you nowhere.  In thirty-three years of doing dentistry , there are the same problems that come up constantly.  It is usually a constricted envelope, (upper front teeth inclines too much to the back), and a loss of vertical dimension, (the distance from the tip of your nose to your chin has decreased over time).  The skill is figuring out what is causing the problem.  I tell my new patients who are in need of some major work to go to my website and look at my previous cases.  Hopefully, if you are a patient perusing thru this gallery, perhaps you can find yourself and be able to make a better-informed decision about your dental treatment.       

Sincerely yours,

Michael S. Ben DDS,FAGD,MAGD
January 7, 2011


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